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The case for Trump


As a senior here at Rollins College, a business management major, daughter of a doctor and Ecuadorian immigrant, and a member of the Rollins College Republicans, this election’s results are crucial. Although it seems we are stuck between a rock and a hard place, when it comes to economic stimulation/job creation, taxation, the immigration crisis, National Security and a need to replace Obamacare, there is only one choice.

Being a businessman with near 50 years of experience, Trump is far from the career politician status of his adversary. To date, Trump has not made his name in political positions, but in a multitude of business ventures that have created thousands of jobs for Americans.

In regards to taxation, Trump advocates for decreased taxation for all classes aside from the mega wealthy, such decreases will keep more money in the pockets of citizens and less in the hands of government. More so, his tax plan will decrease taxation for corporations and businesses from 35% to 15%. With such tax cuts, companies will have a reason to stay in the U.S. Currently, the US has the highest corporate business taxation in the world, the decrease in corporate taxes will without question untie the limitations of businesses in America and return those which have gone elsewhere.

Furthermore, Trump will enforce and defend immigration laws. Trump’s stance places emphasis on better defending of our country’s borders as well as enforcing visa regulations (as the majority of illegal immigrants do not cross the border from Mexico, but rather consciously overstay their tourist visas). More so, Trump opposes the existence of Sanctuary Cities that are now found in over 10 states. These cities not only promote illegal immigration but also have resulted in the harboring of murderers, drug dealers and other violent offenders. It is a common misconception that Americans are greedy and lack an ability to “coexist”. Well, the reality is illegal immigrants are taking American jobs, don’t pay taxes, a number are involved in criminal activity aside from not having citizenship, and most importantly abuse public services paid for by working Americans such as healthcare. This is not a lack of humanity; it is a need to take care of the American People (veterans, the elderly, the disabled, the poor) first.

In regards to National security and the modernly increasing terrorist threat, Trump advocates implementation of new policies alongside his immigration plan, directed towards diminishing the risk of terrorists coming into the United States. Trump also plans on fighting ISIS (born under the eight passive years of the Obama/Clinton administration) abroad.

Lastly, Trump supports the immediate replacement of Obamacare. Obamacare has proved itself all but useless for American families as premiums have increased dramatically. As the cost is now higher than other insurances, carriers like Humana, United, Aetna (just to name a few) have actually dropped Obamacare due to its excessive regulations, high cost, and financial losses. The stark reality is, more than 30 million Americans have been left uninsured despite Obamacare. Being raised by those in the medical field, I can say firsthand that Obamacare has increased regulations for doctors, it does not cover doctors’ services (doctors do not get paid), therefore physicians are forced to refuse Obamacare patients because they cannot work for free. In essence, due to Obamacare, doctors are losing patients and patients are losing their doctors. This process concludes with patients ultimately losing health insurance due to the loss of carriers.

Taking a hard look at America today, where nothing seems to be discussed but a multitude of “isms,” it is clear we have begun to lose sight of the backbone that allowed us the opportunity to focus on social issues. In the pursuit of “equality” we have lost our grasp on the pragmatic and necessary building blocks of conscious capitalism that have made it all possible. Next week, I will vote for Trump because I will not be told what I can buy, how I can live or what I muse think or feel. I believe Hillary’s encouragement of government regulation will only leave citizens dependent on a failing entity. In the end, I suppose I am an advocate for free expression and I think it is odd that Trump’s opposition calls me otherwise.   

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  1. The writer says thatl “Trump advocates for decreased taxation for all classes aside from the mega wealthy” but this is wrong. The Mega wealthy will get the biggest amount of savings of all tax payers.

    On his website Trump makes clear that the mega wealthy will do the best of all taxpayers because of two policies from Trump’s total tax cutting program.
    These two changes will ensure that the mega wealthy will receive the larges benefits of all citizens:
    -He will reduce the top personal income tax rate from 39.5% to 25% meaning that someone making 1 million dollars a year will SAVE a net $145,000 on taxes every year under Trump’s plan. A person getting $10 m will save $1.45 millions!
    -He also promises to eliminate the estate tax (‘death tax’ as renamed by Republicans), which will save the ‘mega wealthy’ (top 1%) millions or billions of dollars

    So Trump’s plans will ensure that inequality in America will become even more extreme, already the most unequal of any of the highly developed countries in the world.
    See what Trump’s website says about his plans for tax policy changes at:

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