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Celebrating Entrepreneurs

Harvey Massey, Chairman of the board for the Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship at Rollins, was named a finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year award by Ernst and Young.

In mid-November, 244 entrepreneurs will travel to Palm Springs, CA for an awards ceremony; they have been named finalists for the Entrepreneur of the Year award.

The honor will be presented by Ernst and Young, a ceremony that has taken place for over 25 years. The national winners will go on to the international awards in Monte Carlo, Monaco to be inducted into the World Entrepreneur of the Year. Over 50 countries worldwide are participating.

From their website, Ernst and Young say that the award was created to celebrate successful entrepreneurs, so they could share their stories, inspire others and receive the recognition they deserve. Their first program took place in 1986 in Milwaukee, WI.

Twenty six regions will be represented in the national awards for the United States; of the 244 finalists, 10 winners will be selected by regional and independent panels of judges. This will include entrepreneurs and prominent leaders from academia, business and the media.

This year’s award has a special significance to Rollins College, as Harvey Massey is one of the finalists; Massey serves as Chairman of the board for the Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship at Rollins College’s Crummer School of Business. The Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship is an entity that looks at what makes businesses succeed. It also helps Rollins MBA students and alumni with their careers and further endeavors.

Massey, chief executive officer and owner of Massey Services Inc., won the Florida regional entrepreneur of the year award for the service category, automatically making him a finalist for the national award.

Although the award recognizes a single person, Massey shares credit with all of the people in his organization. “Receiving the Entrepreneur of the Year award for the Florida Region is a great recognition,” he continued, “I’ve been a student of business most of my adult life; I’ve invested a lot of time and money in schooling and books. To reach a point in your life when you are recognized by other people as a quality, top rated entrepreneur is a tremendous compliment personally, and for the people in the organization.”

Massey advises aspiring entrepreneurs to “do things that they truly like and love; if [they] do that, it is still going to take a great deal of hard work and sacrifice.”

He added, “Learn as much as you possibly can, do the best you possibly can, with the best things God gave you. Just because you may stumble a few times, get up and go at it again; perseverance has and always will change the world.”


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