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Center for Inclusion and Campus Involvement undertakes transformation

Photo by Alexander Knobloch

What used to be known as the Rollins Center for Inclusion and Campus Involvement (CICI) has undergone a transformation. The center, which previously encompassed campus involvement opportunities as well as several facets and resources on diversity equity and inclusion, has been restructured into two “new” departments: The Center for Campus Involvement and the Center for Inclusion and Belonging. 

“Part of the reason why the restructure occurred was to elevate and prioritize DEIB (Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging) in a way that wasn’t happening. Although students were receiving great care and support, this transition allows for this work to be amplified” said Dean of the Center for Inclusion and Belonging Marjorie Trueblood. 

The change will allow for the school to have separate spaces, one for diversity and inclusion and another for involvement, although the centers often collaborate in order to provide meaningful support and experiences to the student body. 

Photo by Alexander Knobloch

What is the Center for Campus Involvement?

Fraternity and sorority adivsor Bronwyn Holder delved into all of the details that Rollins students should know about the Involvement Office.

“With the overarching mission of providing every student with an opportunity to get involved; we create and foster events, organizations and campus environments for students to gain awareness of self and others, discover leadership as an action and value the responsibility to contribute positively to the campus and greater community,” Holder explained. 

Campus Involvement encompasses a myriad of programs and initiatives, such as Student Government Association, Student Organizations, Student Media, Events and Traditions, and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. They are now housed in the Cornell Campus Center office suites in Dave’s Boathouse, providing for a collaborative office space for students while being conveniently located next to a venue for programs and events thrown by the Involvement Team. 

The Center for Campus Involvement is focused on the student involvement experience at Rollins. 

“We see student organizations as the heart of student life on campus and focus much of our work on training, supporting, and advising registered student organizations,” added Holder. 

The center, which also includes campus events and traditions, welcomes students to share any ideas of events they would like to see with the Involvement Team.

 What is the Center for Inclusion and Belonging?

 “Our mission in the student center for inclusion and belonging is to nurture a climate where those who have been traditionally underserved can have a sense of belonging and work to eliminate oppressive challenges that stand in the way of their success,” said Trueblood of the Center for Inclusion and Belonging.

“We do this through

  • Celebrating Diverse Cultures and Identities (i.e. Heritage Month programs, cultural experiences, and identity formation workshops)
  • Advocating for and Empowering Students (supporting students through bias incidents, affirming and building leadership skills, working with our cultural and identity-based organizations)
  • Support Student Retention, Scholarship, and Success (working with our Embark students and others to help them realize their goals)
  • Engage Social Justice Education (providing training and workshops to build awareness, shift behavior, and effect positive social justice change).”

While the two centers have distinct focuses and are no longer located together, it is by no means a total “split.” Each center will continue to look to the other for support and partnership, so that when students seek assistance in any of the above arenas, they are bolstered with all of the support and strength they need.

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