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Charlie Sheen not “Winning” at All


It is the common case of celebrity going off of the deep end. Some say it may be a result of the accumulation of unimaginable wealth leading to a power trip, while others state he must have been crazy all along. Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen has been making headlines for his drug-infused antics involving prostitutes, cocaine and untold amounts of alcohol. Porn stars have come out of the woodwork, stating Sheen wished to live with them in a sort of “porn family.”

It has also been reported that his drug and alcohol addiction has become so severe that the once-multimillionaire may become broke; his popular, well-paying television show — now on hiatus — had served as his primary income. Along with these and other rumors, Sheen has joined the collection of substance- abusing stars who have fallen off of the right track onto the path of self-destruction and career suicide.

Many have already compared him to the lunatic Lindsay Lohan and do not feel he will be returning to normality for quite some time.

Although his reputation is quickly declining, the viewing rate of Two and a Half Men has been skyrocketing, and “Charlie Sheen” is searched on Google more than ever.

My grandmother even mentioned him in our weekly conversation, and she has not been so adamant about a celebrity’s insanity since Tom Cruise jumped onto Oprah’s couch. While many stick to their guns in saying that Sheen is just another case of too much money and not enough sense, I feel that he is not functioning fully, regardless of his celebrity status.

People put celebrities on pedestals and do not take the time to realize that they are also regular people. Thousands of Americans suffer from drug and alcohol addiction, and even more suffer from various mental illnesses. The only difference is that those people’s business is not advertised on E! News.

We do not mock or glorify our neighbors’ mental disabilities or addiction problems because we view them as our equals; therefore, I believe that the news needs to leave Sheen out of their headlines for the time being and cut him some slack.

He will not be “WINNING” until he is off of coke and drugs and back on track as the hilarious actor he was about a year ago, and we should do well to ignore his actions until he gets back.


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