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Chi Psi and Kappa Host BBQ

As the hustle and bustle of the first week of the fall semester faded into the leisurely escape of the weekend, some members of the Rollins community decided to take it easy and unwind at the barbecue sponsored by Chi Psi and Kappa Kappa Gamma on Saturday. The stage was set, at a sunny 89 degrees, for a perfect outdoor get-together.

Perhaps it was the lure of sunshine that brought the crowd to the back patio of Hooker Hall, but more than likely it was something in the air. It could have been the great music or the savory scent of freshly marinated seafood, chicken, and burgers. There is however no doubt that the live performance by the band “Under The Influence,” which you may know better as the band that regularly rocks out at Fiddler’s Green, helped to set the mood at the event and drew in many casual passersby. When the repertoire includes covers from bands like Oasis, Weezer and Sublime, how could you not enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and kick back to take a load off ?

Seth Pierce ’11, social chair of Chi Psi and master shrimp boiler at the event, commented, “The band rocked and the food was even bett er. I question the sanity of anyone who wasn’t there.” As we well know, oft en the free food is what brings hard-working, money-saving college kids out to campus events, and no one was disappointed with the awesome menu for the day. While

Pierce manicured his boiling pot of plump shrimp, sweet yellow corn, meaty crawfi sh and juicy bratwursts, his companion Austin Ricci ’12 manned the position of grill master, cooking up marinated chicken breasts, roasted peppers, and of course all-American hamburgers. Pierce also said of the event, “The cool thing about shrimp boils is that they are fun to do because they bring everyone around a messy table and it’s a great way to make friends.” Everyone certainly did get their hands dirty peeling and snacking, but no one seemed to mind, considering the sun was out and the band was hot. Various student groups from many facets of campus life were present at the smorgasbord. When asked about his opinion on the turn out at the event, Chi Psi brother Hien Nguyen ’13 said, “I just think it was really cool that we could have such a great kickoff to the year and have a chance to meet so many of the incoming first-year members of our community.” Events like this are more than just fun and relaxing ways to unwind after a hard week of classes; they bring together the Rollins community in ways that fuel a much-needed sense of unity.

As organizations on campus keep looking for ways to forge bonds among the student body through events like the Chi Psi Kappa BBQ, students should take the initiative to get involved and att end these events. Who knows? You may even get a free meal out of it.

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