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CMF Interest Low

The Campus Movie Fest (CMF) is underway at Rollins for the sixth year in a row, but for some reason its participation rate has diminished in the last few years. What has changed in recent years that has caused this decrease? For starters, last year All Campus Events (ACE) took over for Rollins’ LEAD team. The LEAD team was originally a group of 10 to 12 students who served several purposes, such as acting as advisers to other student organizations, serving on the FoxFunds approval committee, and taking on one or two large personal initiatives.

Jesse Hugo ’11 was a member of the LEAD team two years ago. After enjoying his experience at Premiere Night as a firstyear, he decided to make CMF his initiative for his sophomore year. “I loved the idea that CMF was something for everyone,” Hugo said. “Greeks, freshmen, Crummer students, staff, faculty, etc.” The year after Hugo orches trated the event, ACE took over CMF. Hugo said that the outside contracting had been his biggest challenge. “I can admit that my year, this was definitely the most difficult part, not knowing much about, say, contracting someone to provide a big screen and adequate sound system.”

Though ACE was more knowledgeable about outside contracting, the numbers and the promotion for the event dropped. So, is ACE to blame for this problem? I do not think so, and neither does Hugo. “It doesn’t have anything to do with mistakes ACE may have made, I think it has to do inherently with the fact that it is an ACE event.” What he means is that ACE puts on so many events that, after a while, we all become immune to their ads.

In the future, ACE might consider using more direct tactics, such as sending ACE members to the film classes to give a quick presentation on why they should do CMF, instead of sending out an all-campus e-mail that less than half the campus will read.

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