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Hult prize team to compete in London

This Rollins team, BatterEASE, is one of only 50 selected to compete in an accelerator program in London next August. Out of those, six will be picked to pitch to the U.N. and then only one will get the $1 million in seed funding. 

This year’s Hult competition is based around building a “sustainable social enterprise that can harness the power of energy to transform the lives of 10 million people by 2025.”

BatterEASE’s product is a battery that is Effective, Accessible, Sustainable, and Environmentally friendly.

The team consists of Kinsley Gerks ‘20, Nikki Hall-Elser ‘18, Dayra Diaz-Marquez ‘18, and Matias Meirelles van Vliet ‘19.

Meirelles van Vliet said, “BatterEASE is a portable, customizable, upcycled battery that effectively harnesses renewable energy while mitigating e-waste. This accessible and environmentally friendly power alternative allows citizens from all regions to stay connected to families, access important information, and light their nights creating a sustainable future for an afforable cost.”

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