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Conn. Voters Grapple with Dress Code Controversy

One of the most recent political controversies involved the use of supposed propaganda and Vince McMahon, Chief Executive Officer of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The controversy started when McMahon’s wife, Linda, decided to run as a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate. Because Linda McMahon had previously worked for her husband’s company, current Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz requested that no voters be permitted to enter polling areas if they are wearing any sort of WWE apparel.

Naturally, Vince McMahon was outraged and filed a lawsuit against Bysiewicz. According to The Christian Science Monitor, Bysiewicz rescinded her ban after U.S. District Judge Janet Bond Arterton ruled Oct. 27 that voters are permitted to wear WWE-related clothing to the polls as long as the clothing was not directly affiliated with Linda McMahon or her campaign logo.

This ruling coincides with the law that mandates no one may overtly promote his or her chosen candidate within 75 feet of the ballot box. I have yet to vote in any elections, but I would like to think that someone else’s clothes would not influence me.

If I saw someone wearing a WWE shirt while waiting to vote, I would not instantly change my mind and vote for McMahon. I do not even watch wrestling, and it is just a shirt; the person is not holding a gun against my head forcing me to pick his preferred candidate.

While I am happy that people will be allowed to wear their WWE apparel, I have issues understanding why officials believe that voters are impressionable enough to change their mind based on a logo.

If anyone is such a sponge that a t-shirt influences his candidate choice, maybe he should not be voting. Honestly, this law is an insult to the voters’ intelligence.

There should be no dress code when it comes to voting; it is just an additional hassle added to the voting process.

That this particular issue went to court is ludicrous and gives the impression that the Democrats are grasping for straws. Maybe it is because I went to a Catholic school and just the phrase “dress code” sends shivers down my spine, but I stand by what I believe.

The WWE/McMahon ordeal was pointless to the extent of comedy and clothing restrictions at the ballot box are unnecessary.

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