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Continue the Legacy

An average day in the life of Caitlyn Deasy ’14 includes attending four classes, eating a sushi rainbow roll at lunch with her friends, and playing at least 18 holes of golf with precision and ease. Deasy originally hails from Westchester, New York, but really grew up about 20 minutes outside of West Palm Beach in Jupiter, Florida.

Deasy’s love affair with the game of golf started at a young age, but was accompanied by a passion for tennis as well. The young athlete incurred a serious snowboarding injury in 9th grade that forced her to put tennis on the sidelines, thus pursuing the less strenuous game of golf. This was a blessing in disguise. With her focus only on golf, her talents and skills flourished despite having to play on an all-boys team in high school. It was quite evident that Deasy was excelling quickly at the game. So much, in fact, that she ended up being the first golfer in the history of her school to qualify for a regional competition. During her senior year, Deasy even accomplished the titanic goal of receiving second place in the grueling district championships.

Deasy’s love of golf actually stems back to her father’s adoration of the sport. Her father is a two handicap, avid golfer and her own self proclaimed “hero, best friend and inspiration.” Since golf has always tied so much into her family life, Deasy wishes to continue this lifelong sport and possibly carry on the tradition with her own family someday.

She feels extremely grateful to be given to opportunity to play golf for Rollins and looks forward to winning many championships over the next four years and continuing to learn and experience everything the Rollins golf team has to offer. “Golf keeps me grounded because many of the skills I learn being out on the field are applicable to my everyday life. Some of these things are traits such as patience and perseverance that definitely come into play in both realms of my life,” said Deasy.

Deasy’s primary hope for her golfing future is that, while continuing the family legacy, she can hopefully teach other people who have an itch to experience what the game of golf is all about. Who knows, she may even inspire a future Tiger Woods!

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