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Dave’s Boathouse prepares grand opening

Rollins is about to drop the anchor for campus’ hottest dining establishment yet. Dave’s Boathouse, a nautically-inclined pub and the brainchild of John Frelinghuysen ’15, is opening its doors later this semester.

Formerly Dave’s Down Under, the new restaurant will serve grass-fed-beef burgers, locally and sustainably-sourced seafood, and—yes—alcohol. You heard it right! Orlando Brewing is filling the taps at Dave’s with certified organic craft beers and hard cider that will run from $6-$9 per stein; Quantum Leap Winery will provide the wine, which runs from $4.50 to $8.50 per glass and will also be held on tap. Underage students can enjoy a root beer, in addition to other beverages.

As for the dinner menu, Anthony Bundrick, the manager of Dining Services for Sodexo, said, “Our menu is going to consist of . . . mushroom and artichoke risotto balls, three-cheese quesadillas, the ever popular poutine, chicken wings, a few light but delicious salad options, some very good sandwiches including our special house-made burgers . . . some pastas, milk shakes, . . . and some seasonal [and] daily specials that we will run.”

According to Rob Humphreys ’16MBA in an article for Rollins360, at the heart of the Boathouse’s conception was a desire to return to the bonding atmosphere of the Tar Pit (1974-1986), the legendary pub under what is now the bookstore where students could grab a drink with friends and professors alike.

However, the new space will also allow its maximum capacity of 180 students to enjoy live music and trivia in homage to the days of Dave’s Down Under. In fact, according to Pat Schoknecht, Assistant Vice President/CIO & Business Services, SGA plans on hosting Trivia Night “every Thursday of the school year.”
For those concerned about alcohol abuse, fear not! The 17 full-time positions created by Dave’s will be filled by workers who are trained to recognize fake IDs and only dispense one drink an hour per customer.

Ken Miller, assistant VP for Public Safety, believes the Boathouse will be a safe “enhancement to the campus community” as long as students hold themselves and each other accountable for enjoying the menu responsibly.

Dave’s Boathouse will be available for catering, and students will soon be able to schedule their own events in the space. Hours are 11 a.m. to 2 a.m., with alcohol sales beginning at 5 p.m. Thursday and Friday nights and 7 p.m. every other evening.

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