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Dean of students accepts position at Rhodes College

Courtesy of: Meghan Harte Weyant

After being part of the Rollins community for 12 years, Meghan Harte Weyant, dean of students and assistant vice president of Student Affairs, is leaving campus. 

In July 2020, she will move on to her new position as vice president for the Division of Student Life at Rhodes College, a private liberal arts institution in Memphis, TN. Her husband, Nate Weyant, assistant athletic director for Strategic Communications, will also be leaving Rollins.

“The decision to leave Rollins was a tough one!” Dean Weyant said. “Rollins is, in many ways, our home and our family. The opportunity at Rhodes is a really special one, and it brings with it a number of new and exciting opportunities for our whole family.”

While Nate does not yet hold a position in Memphis, he will be considering employment options in the upcoming months while supporting his family’s transition. The Weyants will officially leave Rollins in the beginning of June. 

The couple has been together for eight years after meeting at an on-campus soccer game. Their family currently lives in Sutton Apartments. 

Dean Weyant described her time at Rollins as interesting and exciting. Over the years, she held a number of positions, starting in 2007 as the assistant director of multicultural affairs, now known as the Center for Inclusion and Campus Involvement (CICI). 

Weyant later worked in the explorations department, which was part of the Office of Student Success before it merged with Residential Life. She became the executive director for student success before she gained the position as dean of students in 2014. 

“I loved that Rollins was ever-changing; I always loved the opportunity to take on new positions and tackle new challenges,” she said. “There have been so many different instances that have been really great.” 

What she loved most was the opportunity to interact with students in spaces imperative to their daily lives. “I loved to make my way through the Bush Science Center where I can see students in class and learning, doing what they came to do,” Weyant said. She also played a large part in overseeing the opening of the newly renovated Skillman Dining Hall.

Watching students in the classroom was “a strong reminder of the mission of Rollins and why we’re all here and working together,” she said. “I often work with students in difficult times, so to see them in their endeavors is something I’m going to miss.”

Nate Weyant said his favorite thing about Rollins was “traveling with students and being part of their experience.” Among these travels, his favorites were the Final Four trips with the women’s basketball team and men and women’s soccer teams. 

“I’m going to miss being a part of that and celebrating with the kids, being with them through their ups and downs, and sharing those experiences with them again when they come back as alumni,” Nate said. 

When asked to express any parting words to the students she has served for years, Dean Weyant said it is important to remember that “Rollins is a very special place during a particular moment in your life. You only get four years to be in the Rollins community. Just remember to hold that time as special. Remember you all belong to each other. Take care of and support each other as you all pursue your dreams.” 

Her husband emphasized making and holding onto student memories: “You may not realize now, but everything that happens in college you’re going to remember. You’re always going to remember your time in the bus or the locker room and your teammates.”

Dean Weyant added, “These are the good ‘ol days!”

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