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Discovering Who You Are

Why, essentially, are you here at college? Let me, a veteran college professor, presume to answer that question for you.

You are here to begin to find your True Self. Residing in you now is the seed of who you might in time become: that fully-realized person expressing unique talents and capabilities, contributing good works to a needy world, and gratified by the lovely way your life has turned out.

That True Self is one of countless other selves latent in you that might emerge — some of whom you would be happy with, if not delighted by; others of whom you would regret growing into.

So your mission in college is more than practicing various disciplines and methodologies, perceiving the world from several perspectives. Although that goal is what our curriculum seems designed for, your personal mission of engaging in a liberal education transcends the framework of academic scholarship and aims essentially at Selfdiscovery.

“Who am I, really?” is the question you need always ask, followed by, “What is my element? How am I most happily engaged and employed? What makes me feel most genuine?” Then follow the trail of that bliss and become who you truly are. Liberate your Self.

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