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Explore the world with summer field studies

Summer 2014 field study 2 _Scott Cook

Summers provide a perfect opportunity for resume building, and what better experience than a summer field study? Led by Rollins staff and faculty, groups of students venture forth into the world every summer, in pursuit of first-hand knowledge. Field studies travel far and wide, even to the other side of the globe. This year, the Office of International Programs is offering the following summer field studies:

Opening Days of School in Santiago, Chile

Faculty Leader: Margot Fadool

This is an adventure to Santiago de Chile, where Rollins students will learn how teachers at the Nido de Águila prepare for the upcoming school year. By taking on the role of classroom assistants, they will obtain firsthand teaching experience. In their free time, they will explore the neighborhoods of Santiago, the beaches of Viña de Mar, and the Andes mountain range.

Tentative Travel Dates: July 19 – Aug. 2, 2016

Tentative Program Fee: $4,140


Croatia – Past, Present, & Future

Faculty Leader: Martina Vidovic

For Cold War enthusiasts, this field study has it all. Students will study the dissolution of the Soviet state of Yugoslavia and the formation of the democratic Republic of Croatia. They will have the opportunity to meet with representatives from human rights organizations, observe war crime trials, and visit several museums and memorials in both Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tentative Travel Dates: May 8 – 22, 2016

Tentative Program Fee: $3,650


Water, Sanitation, & Health (WaSH) in the Dominican Republic

Faculty Leader: Pedro Bernal

This field study is tied to a Maymester course at Rollins, which teaches students about the impact of water issues and water quality testing in rural communities in the Dominican Republic. There, with the help of students, Dr. Bernal has implemented and lead a multi-year initiative to reduce incidences of water-related diseases.

Maymester Course Dates: May 9 – June 3, 2016

Tentative Travel Dates: 10-14 days within Maymester

Tentative Program Fee: $2,980


Making Lives Better – India

Faculty Leader: Carrie Schulz

Student will spend three weeks in India, engaged in service work within the fields of education and health outreach. In collaboration with the Comprehensive Rural Health Project in Jamkhed, students will sponsor the establishment of an adolescent boys’ program. They will immerse themselves in the running of the organization, helping with teaching at the hospital, preschool, prosthetic limb program, and sustainable farm.

Tentative Travel Dates: May 9 – 30, 2016

Tentative Program Fee: $2,500


Rural Education in Rwanda

Faculty Leader: Scott Hewit

Since the Rwandan genocide, Rwanda has slowly but surely worked to rebuild their society, government, economy, and healthcare and education systems. Throughout this field study, students will work with the Rwandan Education Assistance Project (REAP) and help implement its model for rural education. At the Duha Complex School in the village of Musha, REAP offers services such as training for small-scale entrepreneurship and an English language learning program, amongst others.

Tentative Travel Dates: June 3 – 26,  2016

Tentative Program Fee: $3,910


Exploring Namibia

Faculty/Staff Leaders: Nancy Decker & Leon Hayner

The relatively newly independent Namibia is a hidden gem of the African continent. There, students will venture into its cosmopolitan cities and rural, multicultural communities. They will explore Namibia’s historically significant sites and landmarks as well as the rugged, wild landscapes of the African continent.

Tentative Travel Dates: May 10 – 22, 2016

Tentative Program Fee: $4,700


All applications are due to the Office of International Programs no later than February 8, 2016.

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