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Expressive Arts Workshop promotes wellness

Photo Credit : Scott CookSome of the most creative individuals on campus work in the Wellness Center pursuing and promoting the nine dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational, financial, environmental, social, creative, and spiritual.

On Friday, Jan. 29, the Wellness Center hosted the Color Your Anchor: Expressive Arts Workshop, where participating students created their own memory boxes.

Amber Wakeman, the mental health counseling intern who planned the event, was thinking of students dealing with grief when she came up with the idea of using memory boxes for the event.

Wakeman said, “The purpose of the box was left open to interpretation.”

This freedom with design meant all students had the chance to set aside some time and showcase their creativity.
“For example, the box could be used to hold personal mementos such as pictures, letters, positive thoughts, etc. depending on the student’s preference,” said Wakeman.

She also mentioned that the “team at the Wellness Center is constantly striving to create an environment that simultaneously promotes student involvement and wellness.”

“Part of achieving this goal includes the development of various upcoming groups and workshops.”

If you missed the first workshop, good news: all the positive feedback from students who attended Color Your Anchor means that another Expressive Arts Workshop will be held later in the semester.

Be on the lookout for upcoming groups and workshops hosted by Wellness Center throughout the semester.

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