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Fall TV Lineup

The arrival of the new fall TV season is always exciting.  Not only do old favorites return, but there is an array of new TV shows to explore this season!  This season the trend is going away from traditional cop shows (a staple of every network) and more towards cop shows with a special twist or hook, such as FOX’s offering of Almost Human, where cops work alongside androids.  Airing on ABC, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. follows the lives of agents who have to clean up after the Marvel superheroes and stars the resurrected Phil Coulson.  The Blacklist (NBC), Cold Justice (TNT), and Ironside (NBC) are also not-so-typical detective shows premiering this season.

As usual, the comedy genre has many shows premiering this year.  Back in the Game (ABC), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX), Dads (FOX), Enlisted (FOX), The Goldbergs (ABC), The Michael J. Fox Show (FOX), The Millers (CBS), Mom (CBS), We are Men (CBS), Super Fun Night (ABC), Welcome to the Family (NBC), and The Crazy Ones (CBS) are all brand new situational comedies.  Many of them are about dysfunctional families, and the most common setup this season is a family forced to live together once again, due to reasons such as finances and unexpected pregnancies. Some shows, such as The Millers, set in the 1980s, try something unique to set them apart from the standard sitcoms. Other shows are set apart by the star-studded cast.  Rebel Wilson will star and write for Super Fun Night, and Robin Wilson will star in The Crazy Ones.  The Michael J. Fox Show, unsurprisingly starring Michael J. Fox, revolves around a fictional family and Fox’s real life affliction of Parkinson’s disease.

There are also few drama shows premiering this fall. Betrayal (ABC) is a show about a tumultuous affair and (unrelated) murder trial.  Masters of Sex (Lifetime) explores the lives of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the two scientists whose unprecedented research launched the sexual revolution of the 1950s. Lucky 7 (ABC) is based off of a British show about a group of seven gas station employees who win the lottery. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (ABC) is a spin-off of the wildly successful show, Once Upon a Time. Dracula (NBC) and Sleepy Hollow (FOX) continue the trend of remaking classic tales into TV series.  Another spinoff is The Originals (The CW) set in the world of the Vampire Diaries and focuses on the original vampires.

Though the list of new shows is certainly long, with around 40 new shows premiering on major networks, many will be canceled quickly.  Until the shows begin to air it is difficult to know which will be worth watching, and there will certainly be some new favorites to add to your must-watch list!

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