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Fashion Week Review

“Florals? For Spring? Ground breaking.” Fortunately, Miranda Priestly’s infamous line from The Devil Wears Prada did not apply to the overall theme of the many Spring 2014 runway shows that occurred in NYC and London this week.

This year’s countless fashion houses and designers were far from stereotypical, and were actually very unique and awe inspiring. The catwalks flaunted looks that were anywhere from urban and sporty, to professional, feminine, and vibrant. This gives many fashion-lovers the ability and freedom to switch between many different looks instead of feeling as though they must adhere to a specific trend. The fashion industry seems to be giving more leeway this year than it has in previous ones.

Between NYC and London, there were hundreds of designers and fashion houses that displayed their wearable art on the runway. The most diverse of these were Alexander Wang and Oscar De La Renta.

Alexander Wang’s show captured a young, urban, functional look that almost came across as vain, due to the excessive placement of his name on all of his garments. There was an array of clothing types, including tees, tunic shirts, and slouchy pants. Each of his outfits had a common theme of simplistic boxiness, but at the same time they were not unflattering. Almost all of the pieces were in clean black, white and gray.

Oscar De La Renta presented looks that incorporated a girly, colorfully professional, vintage vibe. The color scheme mostly revolved around bright yellows, magentas, and black. There were many two- and three-piece looks featured that would be perfect for the workplace. The tops were less fitted, but many of the looks had a sport coat to go over them. The skirts were very fitted and had an extended pencil skirt look.

These are just two of the hundreds of spectacular designers that were featured.  The spring trends that were featured seem to be very promising, and might be able to deliver an eclectic look to everyday people.

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