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From design to copy, senior staffers wish future Sandspurians good luck: Lya Dominguez

Lya Dominguez

In all honesty, my time with The Sandspur stemmed from a mild meltdown I had at the end of the Spring 2018 semester, during which I convinced myself I had not been involved enough in college. 

This was untrue, but regardless, it motivated me to apply for the position of head designer for the school paper. 

Although my time with The Sandspur has been short and was the result of a rather spur of the moment (see what I did there) decision, I am so incredibly glad that I found myself a member of this team. I have been able to learn more about myself as a leader by watching those around me guide this talented staff towards great accomplishments with grace. It has been such an honor to play a role in the process of delivering important, newsworthy information to the student body. 

As I pass on this position to another young designer and watch the new executive staff prepare for the year ahead, I am thrilled to see what they do with their talent and hard work. Farewell to The Sandspur, and here is to the next wonderful 125 years for this publication!

Lya Dominguez was the Head Designer for The Sandspur.

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