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From Rollins To Howard Stern

At 21, Rollins student, Adam Schwartz, has already accomplished things most people only dream of doing. Not only did he get to intern with Howard Stern, but he was also able to publish a book on his experience, titled “Finding Howard Stern.”

As a student in the Crummer School of Business, Schwartz never had a goal of publishing a book and did not even plan on interning with Howard Stern. His internship at a political station was cancelled, but he was offered the chance to apply for an internship with Howard Stern. He received the internship and it became “a great experience.” One of the most interesting moments was when Schwartz was able to attend staff meetings, and “Stern just picks and chooses who he would want on the show.” Swartz even had the opportunity to create a game that Stern used on air, called “Who Does Howard Hate?” The game consisted of an audio clip of Stern yelling at an employee, and callers had to guess at whom he was yelling. Stern told Schwartz that he did “an amazing job.”

When Schwartz’s father hard he was interning for Howard Stern, he was ecstatic and told all of his friends who were also huge Stern fans. They all wanted to hear about Swartz’s experience and this is how the idea of “Finding Howard Stern” originated. “All these people wanted to hear about my internship, so I decided to write it all down and try to get it published,” Schwartz says. It took about a year of editing and legal work, but it was finally published this August. Surprisingly, there was less media coverage than Schwartz expected because many people in the media industry “are fearful of Stern.” Instead Schwartz used methods of online marketing such as Facebook and Google. He tried to get Stern’s blessing for the book, but it is very difficult to talk to him. “Stern sort of distanced himself from the interns. I did not see a lot of him except when I created the on-air game,” Schwartz comments.

When it comes to aspiring writers, Schwartz has one essential piece of advice: “Keep a journal of personal experiences and just write down anything interesting so you have them. My book was not intended, but after writing down my experiences with Stern I realized there was something there.”

For any Howard Stern fan and anyone interested in the broadcast industry, this book is a must-read. Currently, it is only available online and can be ordered for your Kindle or through

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