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Frueauff positions offer work-study opportunities for international students

There are three types of on-campus jobs for undergraduate students at Rollins: work-study positions, Frueauff student positions, and department-funded positions. The most well-known are the typical work-study positions, which pay $8.50 per hour with an earning potential of up to $2,500 per year. These positions put that money towards school costs like tuition and books. To be eligible for work-study, students must have replied “yes” to being interested in work study on their FAFSA as well as met the requirements for financial need (determined by the Office of Financial Aid).

Approximately 270-290 students have work-study positions each year, and an additional 200-250 students work in department-funded positions each year. Work-study positions include office assistants, lifeguards, greenhouse assistants, and theater costume designers.

Often, students do not know whether they are eligible, need help with resumes, and become discouraged if they do not land the first position they apply for. Norah Perez, Director of Experiential Learning at the Center for Career and Life Planning, pointed out these problems and provided answers.

“Federal work-study positions are available only to those students who have received an e-mail from the Office of Financial Aid and/or the Center for Career & Life Planning regarding their work-study eligibility for the current academic year. The Center for Career & Life Planning (CCLP) has tons of resources online and in Handshake for resume writing, and students can also schedule a resume review with a CCLP staff member. We encourage students to apply to any and all positions that they’re interested in and eligible for. The more positions students apply to, the higher their chances of getting hired. Much like the real-world job search, students should put their best foot forward with regards to their application and resume, and they should be ready to dust themselves off and keep applying if/when they don’t get hired for the first position they apply to.”

Many students are curious about the Frueauff program as well. This is a new program very similar to the normal work-study, but of a higher echelon and pay ($10/hour with an earning potential of $3,000). This program grew from a desire to expand on-campus job opportunities for international students who, due to their visa statuses, cannot work off-campus or fill typical work-study positions.

“Last academic year, the Center for Career & Life Planning and the Financial Aid Office collaborated to secure a grant through the Charles A. Frueauff Foundation to fund a new student employment program designed for higher-level responsibility positions and enhanced mentoring and career development. In its inaugural year (2016-2017), the fund is covering 15 new student positions, and it is expected to grow from year to year. Students in these positions will be required to attend career development workshops throughout the year, as well as connect with the Center for Career & Life Planning one-on-one as a part of their positions. Their supervisors also went through a special training session at the beginning of the academic year which focused on mentoring, providing valuable feedback, and helping their student employees develop professionally,” Ms. Perez says.

The program is open to work-study-eligible and international students. For any Rollins student seeking a work study-position, there are many open spots posted on In addition, CCLP provides career and professional advice.

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