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FSL population projected to soar

Greek Week 2015. Photos: Scott Cook
Student organizations are a central part to many university communities, especially here at Rollins. The #FindYourAnchor movement is heavily aimed at helping students find an organization that they can call theirs. Greek Life is one of the many types of organizations that students join during their college years.
Currently, Rollins College hosts 12 Greek Organizations—six fraternities and six sororities. Four of the six fraternities have on campus housing; these include Lambda Chi Alpha, Chi Psi, X-Club, and Tau Kappa Epsilon. Conversely, all six sororities have on campus housing, these include Delta Zeta, Chi Omega, Alpha Omicron Pi, Non Compis Mentis, and Kappa Delta. Newly introduced Sorority Alpha Delta Pi has intermediate housing in a wing of Elizabeth, but with 50+ members already they are sure to move quickly into permanent housing.
A prominent issue of debate at Rollins is the future of Greek Life. Spearheading this issue is Micki Meyer, the current Lord Family Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Community. Meyer, along with other members of the Rollins community, have created the FSL Strategic Planning Committee (FSLSPC). The FSLSPC is working to create a plan and vision for Fraternity and Sorority life for the next 5-7 years at Rollins.
Meyer’s had this to say on the FSLSPC: “Strategic areas that will be covered in the plan include growth, advising/mentoring, resources and education. These strategic priorities came forward as a series of recommendations from the FSL Alumni Task Force; a group of Rollins alumni brought together this past spring to work with staff to think about the future of FSL at Rollins.”
“The FSLSPC will involve members across the community including students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Rollins. The FSLSPC will be one of the most comprehensive planning groups we’ve ever seen at Rollins. Students will play a key role in the process and will serve on all subgroups. Our goal is to set a vision to move the needle forward making Rollins a premier Fraternity and Sorority Life community nationally connected directly to the Liberal Arts mission and ethos.”
Currently 43 percent of student are involved in the FSL community, a number that many of the Rollins Community are both proud of and excited by, especially Meyer. The numbers clearly reflect that many Rollins students are selecting to participate in Fraternity and Sorority Life. According to Meyer, Rollins has seen a significant increase in membership since 2010.
“Unlike many large colleges and universities, FSL is ‘one’ part of our students’ identity, not the ‘only’ part. It’s incredible to think that 43 percent of our students are involved in something outside the classroom.”

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