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Getting your dollar’s worth in NYC

It is no secret: New York City is a foodie’s paradise. On the other hand, everyone also knows that the city is not among the cheapest.

While the city boasts a seemingly never-ending list of Michelin-starred restaurants, having a memorable meal need not break the bank. Given its diversity, you can eat well for cheap no matter what cuisine. Here is just a short list of cool places to check out.

New York’s Chinatown is a great melting pot of cultures from China, Vietnam, and other countries. It makes for a rewarding experience of exploring and eating! However, its variety can lead to paralysis. Just follow your instincts and you will not go wrong.

For some direction, you may not think much of the simple, unassuming exterior of the Deluxe Green Bo Restaurant, but a meal there will teach you to never judge a book by its cover. Popular with the local community, this place offers a textbook-length menu and gives you a quick crash course in Chinese cuisine. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you are in luck too!

If your idea of a Chinese meal is unimaginable without dumplings, your New York experience would be incomplete without a visit to Vanessa’s Dumpling House.

Either get in early or be forced to get takeout because this restaurant is extremely popular. Dumplings freshly steamed or pan-fried are served for ridiculously low prices. Furthermore, Chinese pancakes, soups, and noodles are also all things to pay attention to.

Moving out of Chinatown, do you fancy combining sightseeing and eating? Duck into the Grand Central Terminal. Before you wonder how its famous oyster bar classifies as budget grazing, know that Grand Central also has a lively market worth a wander. Fresh seafood, cheese, and bread baked on the premises are just some of the highlights.

New York City proves that college students’ food needs trancend state lines. Just like at Rollins, college students in the Big Apple love a quick, cheap, and delicious bite. Falafel fiends have reason to rejoice at Taim, located near NYU.

The word ‘taim’ means ‘tasty’ in Hebrew, and this restaurant lives up to its name. With three different kinds of falafel, you have a vast number of choices compared to your typical falafel place. The quality is great, too.

Falafel possibilities do not stop here. Amsterdam-based chain Maoz Vegetarian has a few outposts in New York and your pita wrap allows you unlimited access to the salad bar, so go indulge!

For a full-on food market experience, you cannot beat Chelsea Market. The building previously housed the National Biscuit Company’s factory.  Now, the lowest floor is home to an eclectic market. Graze your way through and try everything from artisanal donuts to Japanese-style tacos. Make room for some delicious ice-cream, too.

Finally, how can we not talk about bagels in New York? One bagel place takes pizza bagel bites to a whole new level. A Shark Tank story come true, Bantam Bagels offers delicious bite-sized bagels filled with cream cheese. You can sample many and decide which ones appeal to you the most.

Though New York has among the best in the world for Michelin-starred meals priced in three digits, there are plenty of superb offerings for budget-conscious foodies. Here, we can not only survive on them, but thrive. Bon appetit!

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