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Do you ever think that if you lived during the time when slavery was legal in the United States that you would have been opposed to it and even fought against it? It is difficult to believe, there are still people working in the fields of the U.S. who are being treated unfairly and who simply do not have economic, social and political rights that are equivalent to the rights of everyone else. These people are the farmworkers of America.

From March 25-31, events for National Farmworker Awareness Week will take place on college campuses all across the country. During this time, rallies, film screenings, presentations, guest speakers, panel discussions and group projects will help to bring about awareness concerning the current unfair and inhumane working/living conditions being endured by farmworkers. It may be surprising to learn that the people who are harvesting the fruits and vegetables that Americans eat each day are doing so under extremely dangerous and unjust conditions. These conditions can include being exposed to hazardous pesticides which have immediate and long-term, harmful health effects; being paid unfair wages, or not being paid for their work at all; not receiving overtime pay for working overtime; and never being offered health or retirement benefits. These are just a few of the injustices which are taking place. The plight of the modern day farmworker equates to modern day slavery happening right before our eyes.

If you are interested in knowing more about these issues, taking part in or creating your own event for National Farmworker Awareness Week, please contact Vinny Cannizzaro at 407-886-5151 or visit The Farmworker Association of Florida’s website, Learn how you can be a part of helping to bring about awareness concerning the issues of farmworkers in your community and help to make freedom possible for everyone.

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