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GPFF: ‘Alumbrones’

“I hope that one day Cuban Art will be as recognized as rum and coffee,” stated Sandra Dooley, one of the many artists who appeared in Alumbrones.

Bruce Donelly does a beautiful job of exploring the streets of Cuba and focusing on the rich artistic culture embedded within the island. I, like many others, was not aware of just how creative and driven a number of these individuals are.

For some people, art is their whole life, whereas others work a couple jobs and paint on the side. From the second these creative minds are born, they are encouraged to start painting—so you can only imagine how amazing they would become by time they reached their teen years!

This documentary explored the struggles that many Cubans go through. But, instead of focusing on the negativity of that, we are shown how truly grateful they are for the life that they have and how they would not change living in Cuba for a second.

Like Isolina Limonta said, “I tell you sincerely…I would choose Cuba again, over and over. With all the needs and shortages, this is the place that was chosen for me.”

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