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GPFF Review: Bridegroom

Global Peace Film Fest is an annual event held in Orlando. This year members of the RCC 100: Writing About Social Justice and Community class attended and wrote reviews on a selection of the films. Read all reviews here.

“They are Romeo and Romeo, get over it!” exclaimed the grandmother of a man in a loving, same-sex relationship. The film Bridegroom by Linda Bloodworth Thomason is a riveting, heart-wrenching documentary of two men, Tom and Shane, in a loving, six-year relationship. A contrast of acceptance and rejection paved the way for the two men. Shane’s family held him in open arms, while Tom was rejected and pushed aside, unable to gain his family’s acceptance. Unexpectedly, a tragedy strikes midway through the film and Tom suddenly dies. Shane, although heart-broken and devastated, is not allowed to attend Tom’s funeral or keep anything that had belonged to his partner because they did not have a marriage license. The film provoked the audience to explore these issues of gay marriage and the inability for people to seek their full potential due to negative views of society. As the film came to a close, “Same Love” by David Macklemore rang in the ears of the audience. The story touched the heart of every individual–either gay or straight–with its relatable, emotional atmosphere and its prospect that all love is the same no matter what gender.

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