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GPFF Review: Scarred Land & Wounded Lives

Global Peace Film Fest is an annual event held in Orlando. This year members of the RCC 100: Writing About Social Justice and Community class attended and wrote reviews on a selection of the films. Read all reviews here.

Scarred Land and Wounded Lives: The Environmental Footprint of War is a film that presents the viewer with astonishingly eye opening and powerful material. The information is presented in a striking way that will bring many emotions throughout the course of the film. My first thought within the first 20 minutes of the film was, “what can we do to change this and specifically, what can I do to make a change for this issue?” When most people think of environmental problems and what triggers these problems, most people have no idea how harmful war is on the environment. This film brought the serious impact that the preparation for war and the aftermath of war has on our planet to light. The affects of war almost seem to go unnoticed or seem to be overlooked. The statistics the film presents make for a even greater impact of the viewer, such as the fact that a F-16 fighter pilot uses more gas in one flight than a mid-size car will use in a year.

One thing that I must say about the film is that the information is presented in a narrative and becomes somewhat monotonous and repetitive. I found myself drifting off toward the end of the film. It reminded me of one of those documentary movies an old-school history teacher might show his high school class.

It is a powerful film and I would still recommend it to anyone who wants to really have their eyes opened on the effects of war and how our environment is suffering so terribly from is causes.

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