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Grammy awards fall short amid controversy

The 60th annual Grammy awards incorporated so much political activism that it seemed strained and superficial. Music’s biggest and greatest night didn’t feel so great on Jan. 28. Millions of viewers tuned in to see their favorite artists receive well-deserved awards. Yet, while many were eager for the event, some may have found it disappointing.

The night was filled with activism, creativity, and at some moments, pure shock. Here are the reasons why the 2018 Grammys were filled with fuel and fire.

First off, Bruno Mars succeeded in winning some of the Grammys’ biggest awards including both album and song of the year for 24K Magic. Many felt as though Mars received too much of the limelight. Hit songs such as “Despacito,” the most viewed and listened to song of the year, and Kendrick Lamar’s extremely favored album DAMN lost beside Mars.

Personally, I really believed that Despacito would win song of the year. It was a song that could not be ignored, and it was unfortunate to see that Latin music was not honored the way it should have been.

On the other hand, Kendrick Lamar did receive Best Rap Album of the year. This emphasized the importance of expressing oneself and what it truly means to be an artist, especially for future generations. Many rap lovers were ecstatic and felt that this award was definitely one of the most well-deserved of the night.

The Grammys also decided to get very deep and personal. Kesha was joined by other celebrities for a performance of her song “Praying” which made everyone in the audience feel as though there was a lump in their throat.

Women stood in solidarity for the #MeToo movement as well as Times Up. The activism continued with Camila Cabello and Logic who were defending and speaking up on immigrant issues, suicide prevention, and other political issues.

Though these words were powerful and inspiring, they lacked depth as hardly any women were awarded a Grammy on this significant day. Many believe that women were again outshined and pushed aside as the awards kept piling up for their fellow male colleagues. Awards such as “Best Pop Solo,” “Best Pop Vocal,” and “Best Country Solo” could have been potential wins for women, but they fell short.

Personally, I feel like the pursuit for equality and using this platform to spread awareness and amplify the voices of women did not go very smoothly. Many viewers were dissatisfied as they felt that the political climate made it unsettling to watch what was supposed to be an award show focused on music and celebrities. In fact, many Americans were glad they did not stay up for this.

I firmly believe that if Americans really want to solve political and social issues they must focus their attention on the people in the White House. Focusing on Hollywood is a mistake considering it’s detached from real-world American issues. So many decisions are made concerning the American people in Washington, and so many worldwide events are occuring there. Yet, there are so many injustices.

Therefore, it is our duty to focus on the government where more concrete change can occur rather than the causes of a few select celebrities who have so much status and wealth that their cries for equality and women’s rights feel extremely fake and flawed.

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