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Greater Connections Video Contest

How do you see Rollins College? Many people have wild perceptions of the campus consisting of partying students who spend their time tanning and not studying. What about the strong academics that led our school to become number one in the South? What about the thriving athletics department that produces top NCAA sports teams on a regular basis? What about the everyday interactions with fellow students you pass on your way to and from class?

It is these aspects of Rollins life that the Office of Strategic Marketing wants you to address and submit into the Greater Connections Video Contest! This contest gives students the opportunity to tell their Rollins story in their own way. Nicholas Friend, director of marketing in emerging media, describes the contest in greater detail, “Students can create a one to three minute video describing how they’ve made greater connections through Rollins. The video should highlight how Rollins has connected students to ideas, people, places and communities that have empowered them and opened their world.”

The contest began Sept. 27 and final videos must be submitted by 9 a.m. Oct. 18. This provides approximately three weeks to take pride in Rollins and contribute to a student voice. There are two categories in which students may enter. The first category is a video submitted by an individual or a small group consisting of up to three people. The video chosen in this group will have the choice of winning an iPad or $500 cash.

The second category allows for a video to be submitted by a campus organization, and subsequently the winner would receive $500 for his or her student organization, a feature on the Rollins website, as well as a custom-designed T-shirt for group members. The winners from both categories will have their videos uploaded onto the Rollins YouTube page and the Rollins website for the world to watch.

Cassandra Yankala ’13 shared, “Everyone has their own story in what they appreciate most about Rollins. Whether it is getting involved or applying what we learn in the classroom, we all have something to share. The video contest is about telling our story, showing our perspective, and giving us an opportunity to illustrate just what it means to be a part of the Rollins community.”

J.D. Casto ’11 also shared his thoughts about how this contest will empower students and enhance their filming skills. “With this contest students are getting a once in a lifetime opportunity to get their work out there on Youtube with the full support of the college.”

Still want to be part of shaping the voice of Rollins? All of the contest guidelines can be found at It is important to read through these before proceeding to video. After this stage, register your organization, group, or yourself at the website provided above. The next thing to do once all the paperwork is out of the way is to fi lm! Luckily, the Olin Library has approximately 15 cameras available for checkout to students. The library staff can also teach you how to use the equipment. When it comes to editing the video, the Olin Library also provides the soft ware. The contest asks for videos to be edited using iMovie or Premiere, which are programs that the IT staff can assist students in during the editing process.

Students, take the opportunity to show off Rollins with the chance to win some exciting prizes. It is your school; put it on camera.

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