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Guide to Celebrating Singles Awareness Day

While some students are coupled up for Valentine’s Day and exchanging gifts that will either be eaten or withered within a week, you may find yourself starting to feel left out. Don’t fret! There is nothing wrong with being without a significant other on Valentine’s Day. That special someone just hasn’t arrived yet. Until then, pass the time with these simple tips on how to spend your
Singles Awareness Day

1.  Masticate!
Eat all day! Do not let anyone or anything stop you from devouring all the foods you want. Today is all about you, so if you want to eat a medium pepperoni pizza from Domino’s and wash it down with a two liter of Sprite, go for it, baby!

2.  Do not go outside.
Just don’t do it. Horrid couples who wear matching outfits, hold hands while skipping and exchange oversized teddy bears will be all over campus on Valentine’s Day like goo-goo eyed zombies. It’s inevitable. Save yourself the frustration and don’t leave your dorm. You can make up the classwork later.

3.  Stop wallowing in self-pity!
On Feb. 15, when all the chocolates are gone and the balloons are deflated, when all the cards are opened and the red paper hearts have vanished, get over yourself! You are an amazing person and you do not need to be depressed for the next 321 days (Thank you, leap year). So, straighten up and meet each day with a smile.

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