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Hard Rock Loves Euro-Pop

On Tuesday, Nov. 2, La Roux performed at Hard Rock Live Orlando. La Roux’s lead singer, Elly Jackson, is more than just your typical androgynous ginger. I have been to many concerts before that have fallen flat due to the fact that a singer cannot perform vocally at the level of the band’s CD; however, Miss Jackson proved to be one of the performers out there who truly has talent and it exudes onto the stage.

For anyone who has seen a show at Hard Rock, you know the floor is standing room-only and the stranger next to you quickly turns into your best friend due to the close quarters. This show was no different. However, as I found myself listening to my favorite La Roux tunes, I could not help but be a bit annoyed by the couple viciously grinding in front of me. At least the music was good.

What was interesting about this show was that it was originally scheduled for back in August. However, the band had to cancel due to Jackson falling ill. She took a moment and apologized to the audience for her prior cancellation, which I personally found to be a sign of a good performer who cares about her fans.

The band played about every song off their album and really catered to true La Roux fans. It became apparent throughout the show who really listened to the music of La Roux and who was there because they have heard “Bullet Proof” on the radio over a million times. In fact, the band did not play “Bullet Proof” in their original set. They left the stage and only after massive demands from the audience did they come back and perform their single for the encore.

The band played fan favorites “In for the Kill” and “Quicksand.” Overall, for $20 I was enthralled with my La Roux experience. Yes, the images of the couple attacking each other almost on top of me may never completely leave my mind, but we all suffer in the name of music. If you have the opportunity to pick up La Roux’s self-titled album, I highly recommend it. There are not many musical tastes that this band cannot satisfy.

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