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How to get an internship


An internship is the mystical college right of passage, marking a transition from child to adult. No two internships are really alike. Some are paid; some are not. Some provide housing; others you may be local. No matter what, most college students realize that future employers will regard college internships as a marker of adaptability and persistence, proof that the student can operate in a work setting. With this said, getting an internship is basically mandatory to explore the work world. And getting an internship is a task within itself.

​I underwent my search for an internship as a junior, and sadly, I was already late to the ball. Many of my friends had already dashed internships from there to-do list, acquiring glorious positions during their sophomore and freshmen summers. I, in my typical belated fashion, did not think preemptively. I lacked connections that assured an immediate internship experience, nor did I know anyone in my intended field.

​But somehow, I landed an internship with a publishing company in Delray Beach. These were the steps I followed.


Nothing screams “don’t hire me” like a resumé with ketchup stains or the verbal equivalent: misspelled or wrongly listed achievements. Before my internship search, my freshmen resumé existed alongside a barrage of Target receipts and term papers. I went to Career Services in November and reviewed
my resumé. The Career Services staff helped me with the format and elimination of unnecessary information. Career Services is open Monday through Friday for appointments, and located next to Pita Pit on Fairbanks Avenue.

The Hunt

Herein lies the challenge. Hunting for an internship is like trying to find the right spot in the library; it takes some time. As a Rollins student, you have access to Jobs for Tars, a local and international job database. Jobs for Tars can be logged into using your FoxLink password, and is found on the Career Services page on the Rollins website. Currently, Jobs for Tars has posted 551 paid and unpaid internships. That is a lot of opportunity that could replace a summer gracing your couch.

Narrow down your search

Jobs for Tars allows you to search internships based on your  area of interests. Are you a writer? A biologist? A business major?  It does not really matter. You can search for an internship  opportunity based on your existing knowledge, skills, and experience. You can even search by your interest alone.

Watch your email

This is actually a great way to get personally connected with employers searching for interns. Career Services sends out campus-wide e-mails whenever recruiters come to campus. These recruiters target Rollins students because they see the value in a Rollins education. You can network and go to informational
sessions, and all it takes is marking a date in your calendar.

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