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Kinuko Hiromatsu’s Allegoria: Too Trippy

Kinuko Hiromatsu’s latest album Allegoria, is, well, trippy. Taking influences from genres ranging from House to DJ to Electropop and Dubstep, Allegoria is a digital beat experiment. Vocals are mixed together and formed into a distant, ethereal sound – while synth and drum kit rhythms break that cloudy fog with crisp harmonies. The album is definitely well-produced, but not very accessible, and definitely not means for recreational listening.

Allegoria seems to demand attention despite its somewhat repetitive phrasing and rhythmic ambience. The vocals of the album create a sense of distance in the listener, but simultaneously made me feel as if I was in some sort of 90’s Japanese nightclub. Like I said before, Allegoria is interesting and definitely well-produced, but perhaps just a little too complex for my tastes.

Bottom Line: Trippy, not for your average listener.

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