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Language Archive Takes Fred Stone

languagearchivepic“Love is… better said than done,” writes director Jenea Robinson ’14 in her introduction for her play, The Language Archive. The Language Archive is the latest cutting-edge play to be featured at the Fred Stone Theatre.

Robinson chose this play in particular because “it’s new and different, I loved how the play’s characters could be played by someone of any ethnicity and gender,” she explains. She also adds, “We rarely get to see female playwrights,” referring to The Language Archive’s writer Julia Cho.

Robinson previously directed Love Song at the Fred which dealt with the darker themes of love and friendship. The Language Archive also explores the different relationships of love, but with a much different premise. George (played by an astounding Caisey Cole) is a linguist, who is obsessed with languages but cannot seem to find the words to express to his wife Mary (Lauren Tierney ’15) that he loves her. The cast also includes Amanda Borja ’16, Lalitha Kasal ’15, and Savannah Halley ’16.

Despite the play including male characters, Robinson’s version boasts an all-female cast. Robinson purposely held a blind casting call. “Love has no gender, love is universe, and love shouldn’t be restricted to a certain image or message, and I wanted to show that through the characters,” she says. Cole, Halley, and Kasal all play convincing male parts somewhere in the narrative.

Other than the impressive performances, the interweaving of the character’s lives into each other’s provides a fresh and alternative take on the explorations of what love really means. The ending certainly is not predictable by any means, and I’m sure The Language Archive will leave you evaluating your own relationships with others by its end.

“This is a play that everyone can enjoy,” says Robinson. “People can see themselves in these characters and it’s a great way to escape for two hours.”


Admission: Free

Location: Fred Stone


W Oct. 23 8 p.m.
R Oct. 24 8 p.m.
F Oct. 25 8 p.m.
S Oct. 26 2 p.m. & 8 p.m.
S Oct. 27 2 p.m.

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