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Lautner Turns Diva?

It has been an interesting journey watching our little Sharkboy grow into a ripped werewolf and other roles where he is not part animal. Adorning teen magazine covers, twelve year-olds’ walls, and my grandmother’s text messages (true story), the name Taylor Lautner has become one that you can’t seem to get away from.

But has this fame gone to our eighteen year old celebrity’s head? Like many child stars before him, recent news seems to point out that indeed it has.

This summer, Lautner has been busy working on his newest movie, “Abduction,” co-staring Sigourney Weaver and due to hit theaters in 2011. While shooting, Lautner and his dad decided to invest in a $300,000 RV to use as an on-set trailer in the unforgiving heat of Pittsburgh, PA. According to E! Online, it was a “tricked out” 2006 Affinity Country Coach from McMahon’s RV Company of Irvine, California, whose website boasts “100% customer satisfaction – 100% of the time.”

So why is our teenage werewolf complaining of “emotional distress” and “annoyance”? There is some debate as to whether Taylor was displeased that the RV was not “tricked out enough.” However, the main reason given by Lautner for his upset was the RV’s late delivery. The RV was scheduled to be delivered by June 21, but that deadline came and went and still the RV was not on the movie set. Finally too much to handle, the Lautners filed a lawsuit on August 23rd for violation of contract cancer is difficult, and that the one’s we love don’t always make and fraud. They are seeking unspecified damages.

There are many different ways to interpret this news. Is Lautner just another actor with an inflated ego or is there some merit to what has been done? While it could be argued that the “recreational” vehicle was perhaps unnecessary and a little diva-like, he is well within his rights to purchase whatever he wants and expect it to be delivered on the agreed upon date. To be honest, I would probably be pretty miffed if I had just paid for a mini house and not have received it on time or to my liking.

No matter what your opinion, I think it is safe to say that we all hope this issue can be resolved so that it no longer invades our news’ feed and so that Taylor can get busy filming the last two movies in the Twilight Saga.

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