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Letter from the Editors

Welcome back Tars! We are excited to greet the new and returning students, faculty, staff, and community members. 

The past two years have been ones of transition—both for our publication and members of the campus community. In this time of growth, we as a publication have strove to ensure that both our content and our organization have paved a way to better represent our community’s evolving needs.

While Rollins began opening its doors to new students beginning on Aug. 14, The Sandspur never really experienced a full summer stop. We have remained vigilant in keeping up to date with changes to campus, while members of our staff have taken workshops to improve how we inform, educate, and advocate for our community.

Over the course of our publication’s 128 years, we have been a primarily paper publication. This will be the first year our first edition of the semester will be solely virtual: a mark of our continued mission to listen to the changing needs of the Rollins community. By shifting our focus to a virtual platform we are able to add article updates, link to additional information, and publish breaking news when necessary

The Rollins community is one filled with strong and passionate voices, and we welcome you to share those voices with The Sandspur. We encourage each and every member of our community to make their voice heard within this and other student media organizations. It is our deepest wish to illustrate the full picture of this community’s needs, interests, and passions. Whether you prefer writing, taking pictures, creating digital content, or sharing ideas for new stories, there is always an opportunity for your voice to be heard. 

We are excited to be your source of everything real and everything Rollins for the upcoming 2022-23 academic year. As far as publications go, there are few where you will find a staff so dedicated and passionate to uplifting the voices of their community as this one. 

Over our combined time at The Sandspur, we have watched the student body grow and community priorities change. We are dedicated through our tenure as editors to listen to the needs of our community. 


Trinideé Mercado 



Peyton Poitras

Managing Editor


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