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Letter to the Editor: In Response to Issue 6

[information]Read Production Manager David Matteson’s response to this and two other similar letters to the editor (1, 2) here.[/information]

Dear Editor,

I am writing today in regards to a recent cover, featuring the phrase “Come out with pride” and its related article, titled “All closet doors open.” My disappointment comes not only from the content of this article, which is not a positive image of this school at all (contrary to the author’s intention), but also the artwork chosen for this piece. Three nude white men, presumably gay men given the context, standing on a balcony looking to the phallic-shaped clocktower speaks volumes without using words. It conveys to me that the true nature of coming out is celebrated in promiscuity and stereotyped images. Is this the message you’d like to send the campus? Is the message to further exclude those women on campus who identify as lesbian, who are not referenced in this artwork? I would sincerely hope not.

I would like to consider this as a singular faux pas and simply allow the paper to correct itself. However, as I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, The Sandspur has perpetrated this type of ignorance before. We are not anytime soon to forget the infamous “Anchor Babies” article. My regret in that matter was not speaking out against the poor writing and conception that went behind what you are passing off as journalism. The paper appears unable or unwilling to correct itself. Censure is not recommended, but sensitivity is. And furthermore, understand that when you are wrong, a service is owed to the community to make it right.

I have always been proud of being a Rollins student. However, when transgressions like this occur, I am disgraced. Particularly when the paper does not learn from previous mistakes. I speak from my own identity as a straight white male on this campus when I tell you that this type of poor work makes our Rollins culture look horrible. I wonder what identity I speak to…is it the privileged alluded to in the article who have no conception of what these types of works do to increase oppression in our country or is it a true Rollins student, someone who cares and lives up to our mission of educating ourselves to become global citizens and responsible leadership. I insist that an apology be made in a future issue and, furthermore, that corrective action be taken to actually improve The Sandspur. A response is anticipated, please do not disappoint.

Eric Moser
Holt School


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