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Letter to the Editor: In Response to Issue 6

[information]Read Production Manager David Matteson’s response to this and two other similar letters to the editor (1, 2) here.[/information]

Dear Editor,

I am a student in the Graduate Counseling program at Rollins and wanted to voice my concern about the most recent issue of The Sandspur. Although there are several people on the Rollins campus that serve as allies to the GLBT community and are working to make Rollins a more accepting and welcoming place for these individuals to be open about who they are, there is still a lot of work to be done to eliminate homophobia and heteronormative messages. This is evident by the stereotypical image that is portrayed on the front of the issue. Although this picture may not be categorized as overt homophobia, the stereotype that it perpetuates about gay men and the entire GLBT community is hurtful and offensive, and harmful to the Rollins community as a whole. Those on campus that still hold homophobic or prejudicial attitudes towards the GLBT community need to see images that celebrate equality and acceptance, not pictures that could fuel their prejudice by portraying hurtful stereotypes.

Thank you for you time and the only purpose for this message is to raise awareness.

Elizabeth Van Arsdale
Hamilton Holt Graduate
Counseling Program

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