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Lights, Camera, Swibbies: Celebrating Student Media

Plush red-carpet lined the floor, contrasting the sea of people dressed in black and white. The notably perfumed air provides olfactory evidence of excellence and dedication, not to mention elegance. Suits and dresses that had not seen the light of day since senior year prom, or the one college formal that you might have attended, were embraced for this special night.  While The Oscars and The Emmy’s had already been presented this year, there was one esteemed award ceremony that had yet to occur: The Swibbies. 

Presented by Student Media (The Sandspur, WPRK, The Independent, and Brushing), The Swibbies is an award ceremony focused on celebrating the hard work and dedication of student employees and contributors. Embarking on its 3rd year, the ceremony exemplifies collaboration between all departments of Student Media and provides individual appreciation for every member of it. 

Student Media encapsulates a variety of organizations that are “public facing,” as described by Director of Student Media Greg Golden.  The Sandspur, WPRK, The Independent, and Brushing all heavily depend on the surrounding communities of Winter Park and being involved with local issues, as well as local artists, musicians, and creatives. This wide reach is incredibly important for the kind of work that is done and how it is done; however, it can also result in increased pressure and criticism. 

“Often-times the spotlight you get may be harsher, and people may want to criticize what you’re doing, so when the group itself [Student Media] can show our support for one another and bring home the community aspect of what we do, it’s really important,” said Golden. 

The Swibbies emphasizes the relationships developed on campus through Student Media and provides appreciation for the people that make the productions possible. Presented at the ceremony was a selection of superlatives chosen by the executives of each department, providing each member with a personalized award. In addition, attendees are presented with polished golden statues in the shape of a thumbs-up, holding quite a candle to The Oscars’ statuette. 

Having taken place at the Rice Pavilion on March 25, The Swibbies stands as the premier black-tie affair of the year for Student Media, celebrating every person who serves as integral pillars to the creative work Student Media is honored to exhibit. 

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