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Literary magazine brings new ideas, theme to the table

brushingAs Editor-in-Chief Jenna Lindsey ’16 puts it, Brushing is an “expressive outlet that we don’t see in many other places around campus. Brushing is so passionate.”

It may be exclusive in terms of staff, but the Rollins College literary arts magazine encourages submissions from all: faculty, staff, alumni, and the general community. Amateurs are welcome. “I don’t want amateurs to think that because they’re new to writing poetry or doing art that their pieces aren’t good enough. Their piece might fit really well with our theme and end up in print,” said Lindsey.

Brushing has been a part of Rollins for years, but its presence has not always been felt consistently. However, previous editors-in-chief have paved the way for changes that Lindsey hopes to implement this year—big change is definitely in the air for the journal. Not only does Brushing hope to incorporate more art among its pages—to make up for previous years’ deficiency—but this is the first year that the journal hopes to unify its entries with a set theme: Will you “pass or play?”

The theme is broad enough to encourage interpretation, and each submission will bring with it a new perspective. However, the journal is also aiming for cohesiveness, taking the publication to the next level of social commentary. Submissions are blindly evaluated and voted on by the organization’s executive board.

Lindsey’s focus this year is “quality over quantity.” If the number of submissions wanes, she is willing to settle with “a short journal,” but not a “mediocre” one.
Brushing stands out as a creative outlet on campus. As a magazine that encourages creativity, Brushing certainly plays its part in honing the liberal arts atmosphere at Rollins—it allows for inspired and innovative communities to share their views, while presenting new opportunities for students to build on their colleagues’ philosophies.

So whether you are an artist, a poet, a writer, or just someone with a story to tell, you should consider submitting; it is a great opportunity to express yourself, share your personal outlooks, and show off the work you are most proud of to a wide audience.

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