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Local Designers Think Green

If you are not already familiar with the extravagant boutique Thread, hurry and venture down Park Avenue.This vibrant, chic little store is not only the spot for well-known designers, but also up-and-coming labels from across the nation. Their best items available right now are eco-friendly tees displaying the top sites from the Winter Park area.

More and more businesses are thriving to be a part of the growing design philosophy and trend of sustainability. For the fashion world this means designing and producing clothing while focused on decreasing any negative environmental or social impact.

Back in May 2007, Vogue said, “Sustainable fashion appears not to be a short-term trend, but one that could last multiple seasons.” It certainly seems like Vogue was right.

The National Association of Sustainable Fashion Designers and other organizations like it are working endlessly to increase the opportunities available for sustainable designers.

Assisting fashion entrepreneurs with the information needed to create social change in the industry while still respecting the environment goes hand-in-hand with Sustainable Designers, a program designed to educate the masses. This program provides the industry with the access to tools and resources that ultimately affect the high impact businesses of retail.

The Thread tees are a creative creation by the owners, Julie von Weller and Jennifer Willey. Both grew up in Winter Park and these shirts showcase some of their favorite spots around town. Highlights include the Farmer’s Market, the Chain of Lakes, Rollins College, Isle of Sicily, Park Avenue and Thread, of course. The shirts are eco-friendly and made from sustainable materials. These unique tees are currently featured in orange, green and blue at Thread for $35. Fashion buffs and eco-lovers alike can rejoice in a purchase like this!

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