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Major/Minor Fair a Major Success

On Oct. 19, the Major and Minor Fair was held in the Cornell Campus Center for any student in the Rollins community interested in exploring the majors and minors available to them in the Arts and Sciences. It provides each department with a given space to decorate to inform students about what they can learn or do in that major or minor. Most booths had representatives from the various departments as well. The Major and Minor Fair is held every October and is sponsored by the generous support of Explorations, the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, Event Services, TJ’s, Disability Services, International Programs, the Office of Academic Internships, and the dedicated faculty.

This year’s fair was a great success with over 500 students in attendance. Many students were excited to explore new fields of interest and to develop their future paths. Ayeh Saleh ’14 stated that “the fair really helped me put into perspective different options I had in regards to majors I was interested in and the paths I wanted to take.”

Each year, close to 500 students attend the fair, most of which are first and second year students who are exploring the paths available to them. The Major and Minor Fair provides students with the opportunity to meet with faculty members from every academic program on campus. Students can ask any questions they have about the curricular requirements and possible future career choices in their field of interest. The fair also allows students to connect with a faculty member to reach out to in the future. To further assist students who attended the event, representatives from TJ’s, Disability Services, Career Services, International Programs, and the Office of Academic Internships were available to offer students additional support and information regarding the majors and/or minors that students want to pursue.

Academic Advisor Lauren Murray believes that the best part of the fair is “that it provides students with a chance to interact with faculty outside of the classroom while learning more about interesting majors that they may not otherwise know about. I love seeing the students have the opportunity to build connections with our dynamic faculty and find a home in an academic department that will help them to find their place and their passion while at Rollins.”

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