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Making Winter Park a spring break destination

Lake Baldwin is a popular destination for its scenic trails and calm atmosphere. Photo by Ansh Jain

Extravagant museums, cultural eateries, and relaxing parks are three of the many options at your fingertips if you plan to spend your spring break here in Winter Park.

While some attractions may ring a bell, such as Disney and Universal, here are some you may not have considered.

Go museum-hopping!

How many of us have actually paid a visit to the Morse Museum, only a short walk away from Park Avenue? With student admission at just $1, the Morse is a perfect place to visit. It is primarily home to the collection of Louis Comfort Tiffany, an American artist renowned for his work in stained glass. One of the highlights is the chapel interior that Tiffany designed for the 1893 World Fair in Chicago.

In addition to the Morse, we have our own museum on campus, the Cornell Fine Arts Museum, which is home to an eclectic collection spanning many years.

Treat your taste buds.

Hungry after all that art? Thankfully, the surrounding area is a foodie’s paradise. The most difficult decision is choosing which restaurant to go to. Though we all have our favorites, such as Prato or Bosphorous, there are numerous other places worth trying that you may not have even heard of.

On Orlando Avenue (near Chipotle) is the cuban Black Bean Deli that serves sandwiches, plates, and delectable pastries, as well as other snacks. They offer a great value for your money, too!

In the mood for some tacos? Head down to the Mills 50 area and experience Black Rooster Taqueria, which the New York Times recently named a top food destination of Orlando. Next door also sits Guest House, a trendy bar with a great happy hour for those of you 21 and older.

On Orange Avenue is the quaint little Buttermilk Bakery, perfect for breakfast, brunch, or a quick cookie or pastry from their mouth-watering array.

North of downtown Orlando is Ivanhoe Village, a lakeside strip with plenty of bars, restaurants, and shopping. Do not miss the German Backhaus here; its excellent bakery items take you to Europe.

In Colonialtown, you will discover a large number of East Asian restaurants and markets. Begin at Saigon Market and gaze in amazement at the array of imported groceries, freshly-baked buns, and other goodies. Continue along Colonial Drive and enjoy the selection of different cuisines such as the Chinese iFresh market, another market and bakery one-stop shop.

Enjoy the outdoors!

Blessed with good weather, spring break is the perfect time to step out and smell the roses. Enjoy the Mead Botanical Gardens, which is an expansive, serene spot to appreciate a variety of flora and fauna in different habitats

Orlando also has many lakes, but Lake Baldwin makes for an exceptionally nice outing. Located in a pleasant neighborhood and surrounded by a track for walking and biking, the lake provides a beautiful setting, whether you want to just sit and read or explore the Baldwin Park neighborhood.

If you want to ditch the crowds, continue on to Lake Susannah. You can just as easily bike there.

On the way back, you can stop by Blue Jacket Park, another green space that is perfect for a stroll or run.

If you are staying in town during spring break, a ton of opportunities await! Discovered some cool new ideas? Let us know!

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