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McKean NOT McClean

Grace Alexander ’14 wakes up every morning to take a shower. Unfortunately for her, the puke and mold covered showers make her dirtier rather than cleaner. “The showers just kind of trickle water instead of spraying it. Sometimes I find myself splashing the drizzle on myself just to get clean, and occasionally I get flakes of mold stuck to me,” says Alexander.

Some students like the dingy, party atmosphere of McKean. “The broken lights and mold covered bathrooms don’t give me much of a problem,” said Chris Atkin ’14. “I guess I just have the blood of a pirate in my veins.” McKean is not known for being McClean. It is a place for cutt hroat pirates and party people. If you do not like it, move to strict, clean Ward or fi ve-star, exclusive Rex Beach. “I love McKean,” said Willie Marx ’14. “It’s not exclusive or anything, and there are defiantly problems, like the urine odor in the elevator, but all I really need are the basics … and maybe a working shower would be nice.” McKean is definitely not for everyone, but those of us who like good people and terrible conditions should defiantly join the filth of McKean. The grimy showers, disgusting pods, random fi re alarms between 4 and 7 a.m., and someone’s music constantly blasting at ridiculous times of the night may be seen as a nuisance, but in all honesty, it is part of the charm of McKean. Though it is not for everyone, those who live here know it is the only place for them. So, renovation or not, McKean is sure to always be the dorm for the outcasts, misfi ts and troublemakers. “It’s for people who don’t mind living with prison-like facilities. Trust me; I’ve been there,” said Atkin. When will McKean get some new renovation? When will we finally be McClean? Rex Beach was renovated. When will McKean be?

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