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Meet Your Hall Reps

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) has had a busy week. In two days, it had a portion of the Rollins population vote to choose the 50 representatives of the 17 student housing locations.

Of course, the process took much longer than just two days; before voting even began there was a recruitment period that then led to the actual nominations.

From there, it was all about campaigning. Starting at the beginning of September, nominees scattered fliers throughout their residence halls and various other places on campus in hopes for election.

By Sept. 8, all the nominees could hope for was that their posters had convinced enough people to vote for them. After two days of waiting, the results were released Sept. 10, but was everyone happy with both the result of the elections and the result of the process?

When asked for their opinions on the elections, students responded with statements like, “oh, when were they?” When asked about the results of the council elections, Ross Adler ’13 was perfectly honest. “I didn’t know we had one of those,” he said.

The cause of the miscommunication came from the lack of advertising, for the Sutton students in particular. “I didn’t know when the elections were… there wasn’t anything blaring about it,” said Betsy Lydon ’11. Another student, Summer Braun ‘13, who lives closer to the Campus Center, agrees with Lydon saying that though the process was fair, “I don’t think that the time or place for voting was publicized very well.”

Despite the advertising, there are high hopes for the latest council. After all, the council was chosen by the student body to make a difference on this campus.

Braun was vehement about her expectations. “I think this board will be especially productive as all of the members are comfortable with each other and will feel free to voice their opinions,” she said.

The winners are just as excited about their achievement as the rest of the student body. “I am honored to represent my fellow Holt Hall neighbors as part of the Holt Hall Council,” said Kara Trapp ‘11, vice president of Holt Hall.

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