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Networks Fall Into New Schedules

With the summer months finally coming to an end, television stations around the country are undergoing their final preparations for the new fall season. Every year, major networks such as ABC, NBC, and CBS, as well as FOX, and CW, along with a plethora of cable channels ranging from BRAVO to HBO, return with existing hit programming or replacements of scrapped shows from the last season, hoping for a better viewer turnout.

Shows like Chuck, Bones, 90210, Glee, House, The Office, Dexter and The Vampire Diaries all have viewers waiting in anticipation and wondering if the new episodes will live up to expectation. Whether you have been wondering about the fate of The Office without the beloved Michael Scott or fascinated by the eerie promotional posters of House, featuring Hugh Laurie in Joker-esque face makeup, there is a lot to look forward to when it comes to our returning favorites.

That being said, the fall TV season is not only about our old favorites returning from vacation, but also about the new shows coming out, and the hope that one or two of them will be good enough to make us watch them religiously along with the rest of our favorite programs. The networks certainly have not disappointed this year. With the debut of so many new shows, however, it would be impossible for me to try and list all of the new programming for the networks. What I will do, however, is highlight a few of the shows that have me the most excited:

My Generation (ABC; premieres Sept. 23)

Filmed in the style of a documentary, this fictional story focuses on a group of graduates of Austin’s Greenbelt High School, revisiting them exactly 10 years after graduation. With intercut footage from their senior year in 2000, the show portrays the characters’ lives as being unexpectedly interwoven and full of twists and turns right from the beginning.

Hawaii Five-O (CBS; premieres Sept. 20)

This classic 1970s series is being given a new life all over again. With all our favorite characters from the past, this new spin on the series will hopefully be the fast-paced, eye-popping, modern-day homage that will not only please fans of the original series, but will also have new ones talking about Danny Danno Williams all over again.

The Event (NBC; premieres Sept. 20)

What can you say about a show where even the cast is in the dark about the plot? In the vein of similar thrillers beginning with more questions than answers, The Event is a new show that will keep you on the edge of your seat every week as you try to figure out the ultimate question: What is “the event?” With a stellar cast of A-listers, numerous locations, a plot described as nowhere near self-contained, and tremendous buzz already being circulated online, this show may just be able to fi ll the void for all the Lost fans out there, while still being just the ticket for those of us who are not that impressed by people being stranded on islands.

As I have said, this is just the tip of the iceberg for the fall lineup. These are simply the shows I think will be best, but the perfect show for you may still be out there. This overview does not do the numerous shows coming out justice. My suggestion: Hit up and check out the special Fall TV page for all shows, new and old alike. They have great listings of shows to come, times, synopses and much more. Hopefully, you will find the show that is just right for you this fall.


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