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New 3/2 RCC imparts global awareness

Cultures in Conflict taught by Anthropology Professor Robert Moore, is one of Rollins’ RCC courses this year. It is one of the two RCCs offered to students in the 3/2 AMP MBA program and focuses on relations between America and Asia. This course specifically highlights the economic and historical aspects of Japan, China, India, and other Asian countries, and how they affected and changed the course of American history.

Professor Moore specializes in athropology and adds a twist to this course, bringing new insight to students with new perspectives brought daily to class. Taking this course allows students to learn just how intense and involved the relationship between North America and Asia truly is, with innumerable economic, social, and historical aspects pulling the two continents together. This course is an invaluable starter to any passion in history, foreign relations, or even business.

The background provided by “Cultures in Conflict” brings a level of new understanding to Asian lifestyle that may have been lacking previously. Like other RCCs, “Cultures in Conflict” took part in SPARC day, travelling to Mead Garden in Winter Park pulling non-native plants, planting sustainable agriculture, and landscaping the area as a whole. This experience exposed students to the environment in Central Florida, educating them on sustainable living and environmental issues happening every day. Students in this RCC have learned lessons about the natural world, both environmentally and culturally around the world.

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