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New blog serves up food news

Amanda Wakefield ‘19 is a lifelong foodie who is super excited to start a chapter of the national blog Spoon University at Rollins.

“I’ve always been really into food. My mom and I follow all the food blogs, and order all the magazines,” Wakefield admitted. She has also run her own popular food-centric Instagram account for about two years and has raked up over a thousand followers. On finding out about Spoon University, she explains, “it just popped up on social media one day.” has launched all over the nation, with presences on 150+ college campuses, resulting in a strong social media impact.   It is a food and lifestyle blog that offers an opportunity for any college campus to start their own page in order to dive into all of the food opportunities in the local town or greater city area. The site is also a place for students to share meal hacks for the dorm room if their wallets are running low. Food articles range from trends, to humor, to budget advice, to health articles.

One of Wakefield’s goals for Spoon University at Rollins College is to offer another opportunity for students to come together and share their passions. “I know for myself I had a hard time, my first year especially, finding an organization that I was really passionate about, and I think this one could be a way to bring people who were like me my first year together,” she explained. She hopes that students who join the team can find a home as well a spot for friends and food to come together. “It’s fun—the articles aren’t super-tasking,” she added.

The team’s plan is to generate excitement on campus by hanging up flyers and passing out swag items such as stickers and pens. Leadership positions are already filled, but applications are still open to join the team with writing, photography, videography, and marketing positions. You can apply by visiting, and start getting involved by liking the Facebook page, Spoon University: Rollins College, and following @spoon_rollinscollege on Instagram.

After interest is built on campus and article production is underway, the Spoon team is planning on celebrating the establishment of their page with a launch party, which is in the works to occur before Spring Break. Later on in the life of the chapter, the team is looking forward to hosting events on campus. Their plan is to get local restaurants, and possibly even food trucks, involved.

The idea is to establish a supportive group of students who are looking to have fun, build relationships, network, and most importantly, enthuse over food.

All types of students are encouraged to apply. Team members can also expect their organization, time management, and professional skills to improve. “Everybody on the team is going to have some type of task and goals set for them every week,” shared Wakefield. As founder/editorial director, Amanda is looking to establish a collaborative process between the team and leadership.

Students may also be in line for tremendous opportunities. Wakefield explained that some “people who have done Spoon on their campuses have gone on to have careers with some of the major food magazines and corporations” such as Food Network and Bon Appétit!

Already, doors are being opened for Wakefield due to her leadership position. She was invited to a Food Network panel where they will be answering questions about potential careers in the industry, “something that I probably wouldn’t have been able to do” without this connection.

If you’re not into writing or photography, there is still a spot for every student at Spoon University. Every blog needs a hearty following of readers! Therefore, writers and readers alike can start to get excited about the new food blog on campus.

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