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Obamacare off to a Shaky Start

The Affordable Health Care Act, also know as Obamacare, has had many problems since it was launched, including a faulty website.

Now, as early statistics and numbers come in, Obamacare is shown to have about one-fifth of the enrollment expected.  Though the problems with the website have caused low enrollment numbers, government officials claim that this does not prove anything about the future success of the program, and that many people might be waiting to sign up at the last minute.

Although the quantity of people enrolled is important to the program’s success, it is just as important to look at the various demographics of the people who enroll.  The more college-age people that sign up for the program, the more financially stable Obamacare will be.  Young people generally have to seek less medical help, have less doctor’s visits, and have fewer prescriptions than elderly people, who often have more severe health complications.  For the program to function, they need the healthiness of the young people to offset the many medical needs of the elderly.

A problem occurring with Obamacare is that the sick people are most likely to sign up for Obamacare quickly.  This skews the statistics, due to the fact that many people that have already signed up have pre-existing conditions.  These sick people are more willing to work through the application process and deal with a faulty website to receive the benefits of the program.

The problems with the website and other complications with receiving Obamacare are dissuading young, healthy students from signing up, and this lack of healthy people in the program will cause insurance prices to rise for those who sign up.  If enough of the healthy and young demographic does not sign up within the first year of Obamacare, the program will face grave financial problems.

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