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Opinion: Back-to-School Tips

Graphic by Francisco Wang

Welcome back new, transfer, and returning students! We hope that the start of your school year has been great so far. This article is part of the What’s Up Wellness column, created by the Wellness Ambassadors to help you navigate life’s unpredictable twists and turns.

The beginning of a school year can be overwhelming for everyone, but there is no need to stress. Here are a few tips on how to stay on track for the upcoming year:

Academic Tips

College is a time for learning and exploring new subjects. If you are able to, take a class outside of your major or minor to learn more about outside perspectives; you never know when it will come in handy. Keep in mind that your advisors and professors are there to help if you have any questions—especially during their office hours. 

Staying organized will help you in the long run, so use a planner or other organizational tools to ensure you don’t miss any quizzes, tests, or assignments this year. Falling behind in college is easy, so to avoid that, make sure you keep a study routine and stick with it this year.

Social Tips

While making time for your education is important, remaining social is equally  essential. Rollins utilizes the Get Involved website to keep track of  social events, student organizations, and other involvement information. Whether you are an under or upperclassman, you can expand your social group through the variety of clubs and organizations found on campus. 

Outside of that, it is always great to connect with your friends or family off campus to avoid feeling homesick. 

In the meantime, say hello to your floormates, go to a club by yourself, or make friends with someone you see on campus often—the possibilities are endless!

Wellness Tips

If you ever need help, never be afraid to ask. The Wellness Center has free resources in regard to health services, counseling, and more. Be sure to remind yourself that you are a person first and foremost. Being a student is an addition to who you are—not all that you are. 

Give yourself breaks and take care of yourself this school year. One of my personal favorite ways to destress is by walking around Lake Virginia during sunset, because it gives me an opportunity to focus on something else. There are many different places on and off campus to take time and relax, so explore and find your favorite.

We hope these tips help you feel better prepared for the upcoming school year, and we wish you the best of luck!

Well wishes from your favorite Wellness Ambassadors.

The opinions on this page do not necessarily reflect those of The Sandspur or Rollins College. Have any additional tips or opinions? Send us your response. We want to hear your voice.

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