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Opinion: ‘Self-care is vital’

Graphic by Francisco Wang

With the academic school year coming to an end, stress begins to rise. We must understand when it is time to allow ourselves to take a break. Whether it is just a thirty-minute break or even a plain nap, we all deserve a time to realign ourselves. 

In this week’s edition of What’s Up Wellness, we will dive into self-care tips for the end of the semester. Self-care is vital, especially in this day and age. We must allow ourselves to destress and enjoy free time. Self-care and rest are what allow us to keep going and become successful. Here are some quick and easy ways that we can show ourselves self-care:

  1. Social Media Cleanse: We all love our social media apps. Whether that is Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok, we need to allow ourselves to be cleansed from these apps at times. The constant scrolling is draining. Try to hide the app or delete it from your phone for a couple of hours (or even a day) and try to focus and be in the moment. Take that time to detox yourself from social media and invest your time into something you have been wanting to do. If that’s taking a nap, a massage, or maybe just spending time with friends, give yourself the detox of social media to lower your phone usage and allow you to be more in the moment.
  1. Maintain Your Friendships: With the stress of academics and other commitments, it is hard to balance a healthy social life. Give yourself time to hang out with a friend and do something you both like. By maintaining and focusing on your friendships, you are allowing your focus to shift. As a result, you are not constantly worried about school, and you are truly enjoying spending time with a friend. 
  1. Take Care of Your Gut: Our appetite holds a significant impact on our everyday life. If we eat less due to how busy and stressed we are, it leads to unhappy tendencies. To fix this, try eating your favorite meal once a week. This way, you are ensuring that your appetite is satisfied. You can also try going to a well-reviewed restaurant with friends or even a picnic — something fun that allows you to enjoy your meal is the self-care we all need. 

We hope this article helps you achieve a level of serenity that will increase your care levels and help you succeed for the rest of the semester.

Well wishes from your favorite Wellness Ambassadors!

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