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Organization Expands Positions, Hosts Festival

WPRK is Rollins College’s radio station, often known as “the voice of Rollins,” operating out of the Mills Building.

William DeVito ’16, the station manager, says, “Whether it be through music or discussion, WPRK allows students to express to both the Rollins and Orlando community what they believe needs to be heard.”

The station is broadcast to thousands of people in Winter Park and Orlando on 91.5FM and plays almost every genre of music.

DeVito adds, “WPRK is a treasure to both Rollins, Winter Park and Orlando because of its unique and high-quality programming that can’t be heard anywhere else, and the vast amount of opportunities it presents for students to operate in the real world.”

There are many different ways for students to get involved with WPRK. DeVito says, “WPRK harbors some of the most musically oriented, friendly and unique students on campus, and the station environment is engaging, relaxed and fun.” Students can help review music, coordinate concerts, work with advertising, or even apply for a DJ position. Over the summer, WPRK will be hiring two interns, in Audio Engineering and in Public Relations. For next year, they are specifically looking for a Business Director.

Members of the community can also get involved. Residents of Winter Park and Orlando can apply for DJ positions, and some members of the community have had shows on WPRK for decades. In upcoming events, Fox Fest will be taking place on April 26 at Mary Jean Plaza. It will have a mix of live electronic, rock and roll, and indie music. WPRK is a great place for students to get involved.


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